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Local Produce


The Food Assembly - linking local producers and customers

Thanks to an innovative new scheme, produce from farmers and foodmakers in Argyll and Lochaber can now be ordered online and picked up on Thursday afternoons in Oban.  Full details of this award-winning food community can be found by visiting their website at https://thefoodassembly.com/en/assemblies/9358.

Local farmers, growers and food producers are invited to join the scheme as suppliers - a weekly list of available produce is listed on the website and orders placed by Sunday evenings for collection in Oban.  This is an excellent way for small farmers and growers with seasonal surpluses to reach local consumers.

Buckie Fish

A fresh fish van from Buckie visits the villages on a Tuesday morning, calling at the Community Hall in Duror at 11am, then stopping at Kentallen and Ballachuilish Co-op car park.  A wide range of fresh and smoked fish and shellfish are stocked as well as oatcakes, biscuits, cakes and eggs.

Black sheep2
A kitchen garden features a combination of vegetables, herbs, fruits and edible or decorative flowers. In short, it contains plants you can use in your kitchen.  They tend to be focussed on production rather than aesthetics, but the two can easily be combined.
Kitchen gardens are once again gaining in popularity.  Grow your own magazines, and TV programmes such as River Cottage are giving a wealth of advice and information, however there is nothing like local knowledge and experience of what grows in an area.  This site and forum is a place where tips and advice can be exchanged which work in our rather special area and 'climate'.
Through the Kitchen Garden Gate
It can be small or large, formal or informal, or even be a collection of pots and tubs.  The sky is the limit, and everyone can enjoy some fresh herbs or a few fresh salad leaves in the summer if they want to.